​What to Do When You Get Lost in Foreign Countries

What to Do When You Get Lost in Foreign Countries

You will encounter lots of unexpected problems especially accidently getting lost when traveling abroad, even if you are incredibly cautious, no matter it’s a self-guidedtour or group tour, because you are in an unfamiliar environment.


Don’t beworried. First of all you should stay put or stay in the agreed place and waitfor you tour guide. Do not return to the original place where you get off the bus, unless you are sure that the tour leader has said that it will be the same place to get on the bus.

If you do not have the address on you and forget the telephone number of the tourleader or the hotel you stay, you should call back home, let your family and friends help you get contact with the domestic travel agencies in order to get contact with the tour leader and learn the information of the next destination.

Ask forthe help of the local police stations, embassy or tourism sectors. If you forget the name of the hotel, recollect the details of the hotel andsurrounding buildings as hard as you can. By the way, you should be carefulthat there might be some people pretending to be the police.

You’d best not trust strangers easily, especially those who are over-hospitable. The fact that Chinese tourists always take lots of cash or valuables with them mayinduce some “illegal guides”. They usually wait alongside the road, waiting for or tricking Chinese tourists on purpose.


Read the group-tour notice, announcements and emergency contact home and abroadcarefully. Take the emergency contact telephone number with you.

You must remember all these things at each stop you arrive: the address of the hotel you live, telephone number of you guide leader, room number of your tour-guide, licenseplate number of your touring bus, contact number of the driver and so on. After arriving the hotel, you shall ask the guide leader, local tour guide or hotelfront desk for an address card of the hotel.

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